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Frequently asked questions

Here is couple of most favorite questions from players who just registered in our casino.Short questions - short answers. Like everyone, we don't like to make things harder to understand.

KonungCasino.de is an online portal where you can play for free the various casino games and slot machines. You do not even have to register to play (but you can :) ) and you can start playing right away - completely free. By the way, "Konung" is Swedish and means "king".

KonungCasino.de is a free social casino, so you can not deposit money here. If you like playing with real money and you want to win real money with a little luck, sign up in a real casino. Pay attention to the regulations of both your country and the casino, which are slightly different in each casino. Strongly recommended: Use only casinos that have a license (eg from Sweden, Curacao, Malta, Denmark, etc.) The license you usually recognize when you scroll down the website of a real casino down to the very crest of the License clicks, a new tab must open, in which you see directly the "License Validation" of the casino. Without a link or just a .jpg indicates an unofficial casino. Give e.g. Simply search on a search engine "Konung", find and test a casino.

Yes - If you have decided on a game, you will be asked to turn your mobile device horizontally and then you're ready to go!

We also keep your personal information private and use it only for the purposes of providing you with the Game Services. For more information, please visit our privacy page in our terms and conditions.

All games on KonungCasino.de were developed by renowned game manufacturers and are run by a proven random number generator. As in the real casinos, the win rate here is around 96%! At KonungCasino.de you play exclusively with play money ("FUN"), whereby you take no risk and thus can sit back and enjoy! Real fun without deposit!

The game will resume from that point after reconnecting.

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