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General Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions set out here apply from 07. September 2018. Before you use the website konungcasino.de, please read the terms and conditions carefully. By using the website you confirm your agreement with the terms and conditions.


The operator of www.konungcasino.de (hereinafter referred to as "provider", "we", "us") provides Internet services exclusively on the basis of the following terms and conditions (in short: Terms). General terms and conditions of a contracting party are expressly not part of the contract, even if they are not explicitly contradicted by the provider.

    Changes to the terms and conditions

    The current terms and conditions can be changed by the provider, if necessary. For this reason, please visit the page with the general terms and conditions regularly to inform yourself about possible changes.

    §2 OFFER

    The offers of the provider are free, non-binding and without obligation. Supplements, amendments or subsidiary agreements require the written confirmation of the provider for legal validity.


    The provider offers access to the gaming platform www.konungcasino.de and allows free and / or ad-supported gaming with registration and no software download.


    The performance of the provider is provided by him to the best of his knowledge and belief to the customer. However, a guarantee of the services offered cannot be provided in the event that the technical operation is not performed due to problems or causes that can not be influenced by the provider and / or force majeure. In such cases, the provider will restore the technically smooth process within its capabilities as soon as possible.

    Change of service:

    The provider reserves the right to extend the services, to modify or to make improvements. The provider is also entitled to reduce or discontinue the service.

    Definition of access:

    Access to the gaming platform is free. Please allow for occasional inserts of our advertising partners.


    When participating in sweepstakes on www.konungcasino.de the terms and conditions of the provider apply. The legal process is excluded. Participation only possible via e-mail. Participants agree to future contact for promotional and marketing purposes, but may revoke their consent at any time. The provider has the right to verify the contact information for accuracy. In the raffle of prizes, name and address as well as correct contact details must be indicated to ensure the shipment in the event of a profit.

    Additional Services:

    The provider provides no other services, the user therefore has no as always designed performance.


    The access to the gaming platform www.konungcasino.de is bound to a registration with disclosure of personal data. The offers on www.konungcasino.de are free of charge, without obligation and subject to change. Users are entitled at any time to revoke any information provided.


    The user is obliged to use the service properly. Under proper use, the provider understands in particular:

    • the omission of any misuse

    • the omission of punishable or unlawful acts

    • the omission of any violation of statutory provisions

    • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements under its own responsibility, if required by the customer in the context of the implementation of this contract

    • the omission of any interference with the freedom of expression of others or the privacy of third parties

    • the omission of all actions that endanger the data security

    • Obligation to keep the passwords secret or to change the password immediately if third parties are aware of this

    • Respect of custom and decency towards all people

    • Use of promotional software is prohibited.

    • Reporting of breaches by other customers of custom and decency to the provider

    • the omission of any threat to the confidentiality and security of the system

    • Users are prohibited from using the platform to distribute advertising or spam.


    The offer on www.konungcasino.de is free of charge and non-binding. Users win on www.konungcasino.de entertainment, fun and experience; but not money, major profits, jackpots or other prizes or other benefits. All amounts shown are game points.


    The provider is not liable for slight negligence as far as the violation does not concern the cardinal obligations and the essential duties of the provider. The provider excludes a guarantee for permanent availability and claims for compensation as long as he is not responsible for the system failures or has not caused them to be grossly negligent. Furthermore, a liability is excluded if delays in performance and / or failures due to force majeure and / or unforeseen, only temporarily and by the provider not responsible for adverse effects were brought about. Such impairments include, in particular, official orders, strikes, lockouts and legitimate corporate internal industrial action. Furthermore, this also includes the complete or partial failure of the communication and network structures required for the provision of services as well as gateways of other providers and operators. The provider assumes no liability for the loss of data stored in the IT system of the provider.

    §8 Links

    The provider dissociates itself expressly from all contents of other Internet pages. Users or advertising partners may have placed links to other websites on the Internet. For all these links applies: It is expressly to emphasize that the provider has no influence on the design and content of the linked pages. The provider dissociates itself hereby expressly from all contents of all linked sides on www.konungcasino.de. This declaration also applies to all applied, hidden or inactive links and to all contents of the pages and all subpages to which text links, banners or other references could lead or lead.


    All used graphics, scripts, programs, layouts, texts and sounds are protected by copyright and are subject to the respective copyright regulations. The use of individual graphics is prohibited. Any third-party use requires the written permission of the provider. These authorizations may be revoked at any time in case of unwanted use. All rights reserved.


    Severability clause:

    Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

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